Lightning Network for BTC?

Hi, the capacity has just exceeded 1,500 BTC, please could you add Lightning Network payments for SFX accounts?


Good idea, LN might be alrady mature enough to plug it in…

well, to be honest the total LN capacity doesn’t matter for me, if you hold bitcoins you want LN to succeed, so the price goes up

but having LN payments at SimpleFX would be great :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :money_mouth_face:

you can make instant deposits at practically no cost, so you can deposit the money exactly when you see a winning trade. just look at MicroStrategy today, I went all-in at the start of trading, but simply had just 0.02 BTC to trade :frowning: LN would solve it

please, do it. FAST :upside_down_face:


Hi there, glad to announce, the Lightning Network payments are available. When depositing to your BTC account simply choose “Lightning Network” to create an invoice. LN withdrawals are and always will be free for SimpleFX users :slight_smile:

If you are new to LN, here’s a guide to making the transactions as well as a list of the best BTC wallets supporting the protocol.

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Wow, that’s great. Thanks!

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