Explain SimpleFX leverage

I have set lev to 10x in account setting.
But when placing a trade the Trade Value and Required Margin are the same. I would expect the Trade Value to 10 times the Margin right???

When I increase the lev to 100x the Trade Value is only 10 times the Margin, i.e 100x lev is only 10x lev.
And 2x lev means Margin is inverted and cost more than Trade Value. WTF?
For e.g. placing a 0.01 BTC buy with 2x lev, Trade Value is $168 but Required Margin is $842. HOWWW?

How to use 10x lev only ???

Depending on the symbol, we offer a leverage of up to 1:1000. You can find more under the link: Terms & Conditions | SimpleFX: Free Trading & Investing App

To check effective leverage of a specific symbol, you can also go to ‘symbol information’ section.

To trade BTC with leverage 10:1 you have to set account leverage level at 100:1. If you have some more questions, please contact our support: support@simplefx.com