ETH Stake & Trade

In this thread, we’ll discuss the new ETH Stake & Trade service.

You can stake any amount of your ETH in our pool and earn 8.55% annual interest.

  • No fees and no minimum deposits
  • Stable Interest Earnings from your ETH deposit
  • Profit from the rising Ethereum price
  • Use the staked funds for trading.

If you have any questions, ask them here.


Need help with my account how to stake basically make $

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Hi Alex, here’s a short guide for you:

Log intoSimpleFX WebTrader, go to this link: SimpleFX WebTrader

Click the “Create Staking Account” button

If you already have an ETH2.0 account, just make a deposit and stake your coins.

There are no minimums, and you can add ETH with time. Every 24h you’ll be credited your interest rates. Remember that when you stake ETH as ETH2.0, your funds are locked until the Ethereum upgrade is finished. Only with SimpleFX, you can use these funds for trading.

We take no fees for Stake&Trade accounts. You simply take part in our ETH2.0 validator node, and we give it to you for free as an additional feature to the SimpleFX trading app.

You can also find your ETH2.0 account in your live accounts list.