A bunch of symbols I can't find

Hi there, very new to SimpleFX.
I’m just checking to make sure I have this right. Are there no NYSE, NYSE Arca, NASDAQ stocks available with SimpleFX?
I’ve looked for BP plc (NYSE), DBO, DBE, XLE, UNG, REI, CCJ, BITI, TLT even GBTC (OTC).
It seems everything I’m keeping an eye on isn’t available here or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your message. We have the instrument: NYSE, NASDAQ (equites us category), but we do not have exactly the ones you mentioned. We will forward your request to the proper department.

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Ahh, cool. Thanks for your reply.
I was just making sure I wasn’t missing something.
Any energy stocks, etf’s, commodities would be great for your community to trade/invest in with the coming economic conditions. Lot’s of wealth to be built by the community and SimpleFX in this part of the cycle.
Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
We care about good customer relations, and therefore in case of any problems or issues, you can always contact our Support Team from your registered email address: support@simplefx.com (do not forget to put your account number and detailed description of the issue). They will always try to help.
SimpleFX Team